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Hot or Cold
Comfort Pack With Multiple Applications
Have Your Ice and Heat it too
Product Details
Hot Pack: A comforting heat pack for sore muscles and joints, stiffness, tension, cramps or as a bed warmer. Keeps you warm in cold weather.

Apply heat 48 hours AFTER an injury has occurred.
Microwave at 30 second intervals until desired temperature is reached or heat in boiling water. Place in cloth sleeve (may moisten sleeve for deep soothing heat), close VelcroŽ tab and secure using elastic straps.
Product Details
Cold Pack: For safe, convenient cold application to help reduce swelling and relieve pain. Use on sprains, strains, bumps, bruises, bites, toothaches, headaches. Remains pliable even when frozen. Will last for years with normal care. Keeps you cool on hot days. Cold pack should be used during the FIRST 48hours of an injury.
Store pack in freezer. Apply directly to affected area or place in cloth sleeve (moist or dry), close VelcroŽ tab and secure using elastic straps.

Caution: Cold pack should not be used on individuals with circulation problems unless directed by a physician.
Applications of Hot or Cold
There are multiple applications that can be used with Hot or Cold including:
  • Reusable
  • Soothing, Long-Lasing Comfort
  • Flexible When Frozen
  • Comfortable Cloth Sleeve
  • Adjustable Elastic Straps with VelcroŽ Closure
  • Arthritis Relief
  • A Great Bed Warmer
  • Portable Heating Pad