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Instant Ice Compress
For Safe instant application to help reduce swelling and relieve pain
To be used within the FIRST 48 hours of an Injury
1. Squeeze
Find inner pouch and squeeze till it bursts. Compress will begin to cool

2. Mix
Shake compress to mix contents

3. Apply
Place compress on desired area. Use of pack not to exceed 25 minutes
Discard after use as this is a single use product. Store at room temperature, NOT in the freezer.
Do not open compress.

If compress breaks open and contents come in contact with eyes, open wound, or skin, FLUSH WITH LARGE AMOUNTS OF WATER. If irritation persists, contact a physician.

If contents are ingested, drink large amounts of water (not milk), and contact Poison Control Center as vomiting may be advised.
Cold therapy should not be used on individuals with circulation problems unless directed b a physician. Supervise use on children and the elderly. Contact physician for more specific uses of this product.

Discard if punctured or torn. Do not attempt to heat this compress.